New pricing for 2019

Fast track me to the pricing updates

Fast track me to the pricing updates

2018 was in many ways was a hard year for TidyHQ, maybe it was our terrible teens period, maybe it was a combination of things but some areas were getting hard. Our platform had grown sideways, we had continued to build out functionality and improve various areas of the platform but it wasn’t focused enough. Perhaps consequently our revenue had not matched our development efforts, and just to add an extra workload I had my own health issues, being diagnosed with Auto-immune disease and bedridden for the first half of the year with arthritis and then in September, it made me go blind. All in all, it was very much a grind.

It caused us, as a team, to ask some very tough questions, was the platform finally getting the better of me, did we actually know the value we were providing our customers, did we have the right revenue model? I had to make some changes or face some very serious consequences, both personally and for the business.

A recent trip to New Zealand provided some reflection.

The platform was still growing, our customers have been fantastic in both spreading the word, understanding how hard it was to build things while also providing some constructive feedback, but we had to focus in on an area. While we had customers all over the world using the platform in all sorts of ways, we struggled with every aspect of onboarding new customers (because there were too many features) and were unsure what features customers were most willing to pay for. We needed focus, and after looking at the data we realised that the clear majority of our customers use us for Memberships first.

We did a lengthy 8-week review with the assistance of the EmAdvisory group and we came out wanting to focus on two things;

  1. Provide the best possible Member experience in the world. Members should rave about how slick the experience was to their administrators.
  2. Provide organisational wide insights for administrators so they could improve how they engage with their members.

We spent that time getting into the detail of memberships and especially complex memberships, we knew for some of our larger customers their needs were not fully being met and we could do better.

Maybe it was serendipity, but as we wrapped up this review Cycling Australiareached out with a very complex Membership environment (over 10,000 membership level variations splitting information and payments to over 250 connected organisations. They had been using a very large solution that could ‘do everything’ but wasn’t quite hitting the mark for them, and while they had looked at building their own solution in Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce the reality was it was going to be far too expensive and have too many risks to execute, so in we came.

As a result of this rollout we made some fairly dramatic changes to memberships and the platform more broadly(many of these changes aren’t quite in the hands of our non-enterprise customers yet), we also decided to restrict parts of the platform to help with the on-boarding (we’re also yet to release these back to them just yet) but as a result we saw it was much, much easier to onboard people.

Changes for 2019

So we have decided to make some changes to the platform, they are:

  • Move more features to Apps. This will improve on-boarding as only a few areas are visible out of the box and as people explore they can switch them on. The features moving to Apps are Shop, Storage, Meetings, and Events.
  • All existing customers will be grandfathered in with their existing pricing plans but will also have additional App allowances so they can continue to use these features they originally signed up for.
  • We will stop publishing the Mini free plan and will be removing API access.
  • New pricing for the Basic Plan will be $49AUD per month when paid annually and include 6 Apps. This is still much than our competitors.
  • New and Existing Pro Plan users will see no change — they already had unlimited Apps!
  • These changes will be getting rolled out on 12th June 2019

In summary, we hope that existing customers won’t feel much of a disruption, and our future customers will have a far better experience when they sign up to the platform and get set up.

2019 Pricing

For those converting to USD please follow this link.

Isaak Dury
May 16 • 4 min read
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