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How to Run Successful Meetings — This is part 1/4

How to Run Successful Meetings — This is part 1/4

Photo by Thomas Drouault

Meetings are only as effective as how they are run.

A successful meeting is run with purpose.

Do your meetings have a purpose?

Do you run (or attend) meetings, knowing exactly why you are there? Do have a clear idea of what you aim to get out of the meeting? Do you remember what was discussed and actioned at the last one?

Or are your meetings an obstacle in your calendar you try to rush through so you can carry on with the rest of your day?

Meetings without purpose are a wasted opportunity for your team.

Successful meetings are those that are strategised, actionable and timely. They have intention from the moment they begin and accountability from the minute they end.

Stop having meetings for the sake of meetings. Schedule meetings with a frequency and length of time that makes sense for your team.

Stop inviting the entire team to the meeting. Be more effective by having meetings with only those relevant to the task at hand.

Stop running meetings with a checklist format of things that “should” be talked about. Create an agenda that is purposeful for your team.

Stop meetings that only discuss topics. Generate actionable items (even if they are small tasks) to keep your team moving forward.

Stop sending meeting minutes out shortly before the next meeting. Distribute the meeting minutes quickly, so your team is held accountable to the actioned


A purposeful meeting is a successful one. It is one that people look forward to attending and is the place of significant growth and momentum for your team. It can be the most effective tool your team has.

Use it.

Isaak Dury
Jan 09 • 2 min read
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